Here I Come!

The day is finally here!  On Wednesday July 5, I packed the trunk of my mom’s car and took off to the Dane County Regional Airport in Madison along with my mom, brother Ian, niece Tay and nephew Gunnar.


Luckily we left with plenty of time because there was killer traffic due to construction on the interstate.  We got to the airport, checked my bags and I hugged my family goodbye, off on my own for the first part of my adventure.


I first flew to Detroit.  The flight was 45 minutes long and I magically slept the whole way.  I then had 45 minutes to get from the terminal we landed at to the gate for my next flight to Amsterdam.  I got to the gate with about 15 minutes to spare.


The flight from Detroit to Amsterdam was 7 hours long.  I had a seat in the middle of the middle row in the middle of the plane.  I sat next to a really nice woman.  She was originally from Kenya, but had dedicated her life to becoming a nun and moved first to Pennsylvania and then to West Allis in Wisconsin!  She was unfortunately going back to Kenya to burry her mother who had just passed away and had to fly a total of 15 hours, but she was very friendly and let me out about five times to pee.  On the other side of my seat I was lucky enough to have an empty seat, and on the other side of that seat was a man who seemed to only speak French.


Overall the flight was very enjoyable.  There was minimal turbulence and the gummy bears I picked up at the Detroit airport kept me company along with Miranda Lambert on the cover of Cosmo (my number one flying necessity).  My favorite part of flying is when you get to watch movies!  They always have very recent releases, so I can catch up on the movies I forgot to see in theaters and pretty much have a movie night all by myself!  I watched Table 19 with Anna Kendrick, Lisa Kudrow (aka my fav, Phoebe), and the guy who plays Darryl on The Office along with others that I didn’t recognize.  It was a really good movie!  A good mix of comedy and heartfelt moments, but not too rom-com-y.  On the other hand, the next movie I watched, Something Borrowed, turned out to be the king of rom-coms.  It starred Kate Hudson, along with two other actors who I didn’t recognize.  But the supporting cast featured John Krasinski (another fav, Jim from The Office) and Steve Howey who plays Kev on Shameless.  Those two are basically why I even selected the movie.  It was a pretty decent movie technically but the story line was really dumb.  **SPOILER ALERT** Basically, Kate Hudson is engaged to someone and her best friend has an affair with him a few months before the wedding.  Meanwhile Kate Hudson gets pregnant by her fiancee’s friend or cousin or something, and you’re supposed to root for Rachel (Kate Hudson’s best friend) and the fiancee, which is super dumb.  Finally I watched my all-time favorite movie, Clueless, the epic tale of Cher and Dion and their project friend, Tai, in Beverly Hills.  I’ve heard so many times that I am very similar to Cher–which I will remain persistent is because of my fashion sense and not because of my blonde moments or killer driving skills.  Because as if.  I am an amazing driver.


After Clueless, I forced myself to attempt to sleep which is borderline impossible for me to do sitting up and with nothing to lean my head on.  I got a few hours in 15 minute increments switching from resting my head on the tray table–which was not ideal since the guy in front of me was fully reclined–and using my bomb (and hot pink) neck pillow given to me by my new BFF Tara (S/O <3).

We landed in Amsterdam at about 10:30 AM Amsterdam time (7 hours later than in Wisconsin).  Customs and Baggage claim went smoother and faster that I’ve ever experienced before.  My uncle, Ivo, picked me up and we traveled 45 mins to my Aunt Shawnie’s house where I will be staying for the next four weeks!


One thought on “Here I Come!

  1. Loved reading this Alana😘 Thanks for the neck pillow creds….new BFF…..I like that💕 Keep the blogs coming😊 Miss you💗 -Tara


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