suck at packing.  I’m one of those people who wears the same five shirts and pants (let’s be real… leggings) every day.  I have a closet and dresser jam packed with clothes, but I prefer my old faithfuls for day to day wear.  Yet for some reason whenever I’m going on a trip I always think that I’m going to become some super glamorous diva that needs four outfit changes a day and five pairs of heels.

This time I am trying to be realistic, though, and it helps knowing I’ll always have access to laundry.  However, it is tough packing for a month long trip because I cannot possibly plan a months worth of outfits or even predict what I will be doing for the next month (which I love).  It also doesn’t help that I can’t imagine leaving the country without my full makeup collection which probably will take up half of a suitcase.

I’ll probably just throw my makeup, camera, laptop and a few can’t-live-without pairs of shoes in a bag and just shop for the rest when I get there.  Sorry, mom.

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